The Swedish Flicka

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The Swedish Flicka is a variety shop of up-cycled projects. We have enjoyed creating rag rugs from a plethora of used clothing and fabrics. Then, we use the remaining pieces of cloth for our cozy patchwork scarves, and just when we though there were no more scraps left...we make woven potholders, trivets, mug rugs, and we offer wood loom kits to create your own potholder inspiration. Why you need a rag rug: Your bare feet will enjoy the feel of a rag rug so much that you will want to return again and again to your favorite spot to stand whilst washing dishes or just sit and rest your feet before you climb into bed for the night. Our shop consists of 2 boys and a mum that homeschool, amidst many projects that teach us real life experiences. The Swedish Flicka name translates to "The Swedish Girl" and of course there are 2 Swedish Pojkars/Boy assistants...but now that's another story. Made in Maine