T. Blen Parker

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T. Blen Parker is an emerging author whose native state of Maine is a familiar topic. Her family roots reach from Blinn Hill in Dresden to Swan Island in the Kennebec River, onto historic Monhegan Island off Port Clyde. Her current projects, Swango Princess (a memoir) and a trilogy beginning with book 1: SWAN ISLAND IN THE KENNEBEC JOURNEY TO SOWANGEN -, book 2: SWAN ISLAND IN THE KENNEBEC - SWANGO and PERKINS TOWNSHIP, and book 3: SWAN ISLAND IN THE KENNEBEC - STEVE POWELL WILDLIFE REFUGE. The trilogy of historical novels invites readers to enter the world of the isolated island, where the Village of Perkins Township was incorporated and thriving in 1847 but abandoned in 1938 when ferry service was discontinued and continues throughout the time that the island was farmed by caretakers, Steve Powell and Parker Blen. The historical novel begins with the arrival of Englishmen at Sabino in 1607, encompasses the time period of first contact between coastal explorers and fur traders with Abenaki natives in the 1600’s, (who named the island Sowan-gen=Swan, translated as tribe or gen from the island of eagles), and forward into the twenty-first century. Parker lives on the Kennebec River at a point overlooking the island within a short walk. Frequently you will see her kayaking to Swan Island on a sunny day. When not creating another decorative wall mask or writing their flamboyant Maine personality stories, she enjoys spending her free time gardening in her heirloom flower gardens. Windows throughout her home are filled with antique window frames fitted with Parker’s original designs of colorful stained glass.