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How do I advertise on Richmond's web site?

Call Laurisa Loon at 737-4305 ext 208 or send an e-mail to: laurisaloon@richmondmaine.com

When are dog licenses due?

Dog licenses are due by December 31st of every year.  There is a $25.00 late fee on unpaid dog licenses. 

When are my property taxes due?

The first half of your property taxes is due by November 10th and the second half is due by May 10th.

When is the annual Town Meeting?

The Annual Town Meeting is usually held on the 1st Tuesday and Wednesday in June.  For more information please call the Town Office at 737-4305.

When are elections?

Election of Town Officials are usually held on the 2ndTuesday in June. and 1st Tuesday in November.  For more information please contact the Town Office at 737-4305.

When does my boat registration expire?

Boat registrations expire on December 31st of every year.

How do I put an advertisement in the Mainely Richmond?

Call Laurisa Loon at 737-4305 ext. 208 or send an email to: laurisaloon@richmondmaine.com

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