Police Department

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Richmond Police can be contacted at any time, 24-hours a day.  All emergencies are to be called in to 911.  All other requests for police services are to be called in to our Communications Center at 737-8518.  Citizens can also file complaints at the police station 24-hours a day by using the free, direct-dial lobby telephone.  The department fax number is 737-5611. 
Police Department Roster
Chief of Police
Scott MacMaster (701): policeinfo@richmondmaine.com

                                                                    Concealed Firearms Instructions
Full-Time Patrol Officers                          Concealed Firearms Application
Sgt. James Donnell                                   Concealed Firearms Handbook

Doug Bellevue
                                           Employment Application
Chris Giles                                                 Raids Online

Reserve Patrol Officers
Off. Gary Hickey
Off. Michael Grizkewitsch
Off. Kerry Elsemore
Off. Dan Dunton
26 Gardiner Street, Suite 102
Richmond, ME 04357
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