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Richmond Maine Motor Vehicle Registration


Company owned vehicles are registered at the Maine community where the company has its principal office. If the principal office is outside Maine, call Maine Department of Motor Vehicles at (207) 624-9000.
SR22 Insurance filers may pay excise tax at the Town Office and then go to the Motor Vehicles Department.

State Registration fee is $35.00 for passenger vehicles weighing up to 6000 lbs. GVW. Vehicles weighing more than 6000 lbs. GVW must use commercial plates. (Trucks, vans, utility vehicles, etc. must be registered for the combined weight of the vehicle and the trailer fully loaded.) Commercial vehicle rates are based on the GVW. The Town collects a $4.00 additional fee for a new registration and a $3.00 fee for a re-registration.
Loon Plates, University of Maine Plates, Lobster Plates, and Black Bear Plates are an additional $20.00 for the first year and $15.00 each year thereafter.

Excise tax is paid to and is kept by the Town. It is used to reduce the amount that would otherwise be needed from the property tax to maintain the town's roads. The tax is dependent on the age of the vehicle and the factory list price.

In the event a vehicle is traded, lost by fire, theft or accident, the customer should retain the license plates and registration to apply for another vehicle. However, using the registration credit may not always be cost effective. If a vehicle is sold and there is no replacement registration, then the unused portion of the excise tax is non-refundable. The State charges $8.00 for a transfer registration during the registration year. The Town charges an additional $7.00.

The following paperwork must be presented at the time of the first registration of a vehicle.
If purchased from a Maine dealer:

  • Blue Copy of Title Application
  • Proof of Insurance (can be faxed to 207-737-4306)
  • Proof of sales tax paid
  • Monroney Sticker (Window Sticker - for brand new vehicles)
  • Mileage

If purchased in a private sale:

  • Bill of Sale
  • Reverse side of Title signed over from previous owner(s) all 1995 and newer
  • Lien Release (if needed)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Mileage
  • Sales Tax must be paid to Town Office

If previously registered out of state:

  • Out of State Title, if held by lien holder, loan documents.
  • Out of State Registration
  • Proof of Insurance with Maine liability (can be faxed to 207-737-4306)
  • Mileage

NOTE: In Maine,to register a vehicle, we need the title of a vehicle that is 1995 or newer and a bill of sale is sufficient. If purchasing a vehicle from a 10-year title State such as New Hampshire, the bill of sale must be notarized and the last registration to that vehicle is required.
For FIRST time registrations, the person or persons to whom the vehicle is being registered must come in and do the registration. Anyone can then re-register the vehicle.


  • Old Registration
  • Proof of Insurance (can be faxed to 207-737-4306)
  • Current Mileage

To register online visit:
The Secretary of State Online 

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