Richmond School Department

This month Richmond Schools began working on vision and mission statements. All schools in Maine are required to develop their own statements. Since Richmond started its own independent school department in July, this is one of the tasks we must do more or less from scratch. 


Even though this is a very busy time of year, if you are interested in providing your ideas for these guiding principles, I encourage you to use the anonymous Parent and Community School Vision and Mission Proposals survey to send us your ideas.  I’ve added a few sentences describing what vision and mission statements might look like.


A vision is a concise statement that attempts to ‘see into the future.’ It’s an expression of what we expect Richmond Schools should become in the years ahead. This statement is usually short  (one or two sentences) and, if possible, inspirational in a way that helps our schools and community pull together as a team on behalf of our children.


A mission statement is a more detailed description of what the schools should do to achieve the vision. The statement could outline the purpose, direction and sometimes broad strategies that are needed. Sometimes a mission explains the schools’ culture, goals and values. A paragraph or two is typical of mission statements. 


Proposed vision and mission statements should be submitted through the Parent and Community School Vision and Mission Proposals survey by January 8, 2024. Thank you for your help.


RSU #2 Withdrawal Agreement.pdf

RSU2 Withdrawal and Transition Process Update.pdf 

Transition Committee Report.pdf 

Proposed Start Up Budget March to June 30.pdf

2023-2024 School Budget.pdf 




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